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When should I replace my car battery?

The standard battery is projected to last three to five years, but variables like hot and cold weather can influence its longevity, so it is best to keep an eye out for signs your battery power is declining. If your headlights and dashboard lights are starting to dim or if your vehicle has difficulty starting, these are clues that your vehicle may be due for a battery replacement.

When should I replace my brake pads?

On average, brake pads begin to wear out around the 20,000- to 30,000-mile mark, but there are many factors that may impact this figure. Knowing what signs to look out for will therefore prove instrumental in detecting when your brake pads need to be replaced. If you feel your vehicle taking longer to come to a stop or notice a high-pitch screeching or grinding noise when braking, scheduling a checkup is integral. Running with worn brake pads will eventually affect the brake discs, which can be a costly repair, so taking a proactive approach will not only keep you safe but save you money as well.

How often should I change my air filter?

Typically, there are two filters in a vehicle. One is for the engine and the other is for the cabin. A dirty filter can prevent airflow, limiting the engine's ability to expend hot air and inhibiting clean air to pass through. How often you need to change it varies, though the conventional timeframe is about 30,000 miles, which is why the best way to determine that it needs a replacement is to check it periodically. Fortunately, replacing a filter is a quick and easy process.

How often should I check my vehicle's fluid levels?

Aside from engine oil, there are many other fluids that are vital to the health of your vehicle. Some examples include the transmission fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant, and power-steering fluid. Their levels are not only affected by how frequently you drive but extreme temperatures as well. As such, specialists advise checking them at the same time as your oil change or every month or two.

How much air pressure should I put into my tyres?

The amount of pressure a tyre requires depends on its type and the vehicle. You can find out the optimum air pressure either printed on the door shut or in your owner's manual. Too much pressure can make it difficult for you to maneuver your vehicle while too little pressure can result in a blow-out. You can always speak to us to determine what pressure levels are most appropriate.

What type of service do I need? And how often?

Every manufacturer will have different guidelines for servicing intervals. To be sure either check your cars onboard computer or refer to the user manual/service book.

When does my car need an MOT?

All cars registered in the U.K. required an MOT once older than 3 years old. Once a car is 3 years old they then required an MOT every 12 months.

To check if your car is due an MOT follow this link the the GOV website to use there online MOT checker Here

Do you offer collection and drop back service?

We do offer a local collection and drop back service for a small additional charge. Please call a member of service department on 01628 825110 to see if you are eligible for our collection and drop back service.

How often do I need to replace my tyres?

This car vary depending on the style of driving and size of your car. If you are unsure call a member or our service team or alternatively pop down and we'll check your tyres for you and advise you.